Vorm ongebruikte verlichtingspalen om tot windturbines

Vorm niet-gebruikte verlichtingspalen langs de autosnelwegen om tot
miniwindturbines via een gigantische groepsaankoop.


Frans Mondelaers
ma 10/10/2016 - 21:41
Daar zou mijn project Towin Twin windmolen zeker van toepassing zijn. Ook op industrie terreinen, deze windturbine moeten niet hoger staan dan 15 meter, zo dat er geen extra vergunningen nodig zijn en daarmede een goede opbrengst verzekert is. verder info hieronder: Proposal for ToWIN Twin Context: ToWIN Twin® is a company that wants to bring a new type of wind turbine (patented under nr.BE 2, 012, 52) to the market. This special turbine is optimized for low wind speeds, which is typical of a Belgian climate. This horizontal wind turbine converts wind energy into electrical and/or mechanical energy. The aim is to create a small wind turbine that produces enough energy for at least one household. Further development of test simulations and calculations performed by firms and the University of Leuven, Belgium shows that the results were positive and delivers more power at lower wind speeds than currently existing windmills. According to the inventor, the advantages of this wind turbine include: • Nicer design • High efficiency at low wind speed • Limited noise by slowly rotating rotor blades and tail and special starter • Bird-Friendly because of its full view with the large rotor blades and the spoiler • Mobile setup. • Affordability: costs much less than traditional windmills • Slow speed , less wear • Limited visual nuisance by low setup Mindscrossing is the world’s leading knowledge provider specialized in the area of Intellectual Capital Management and Accounting, Change Management, Risk Management and Applied Knowledge Management Knowledge providers for serious minded businesses with a unique protected methodology to identify, manage, exploit and calculate your intangible assets in monetary terms for the main purpose of increasing the bottom line. Mindscrossing’s and their sister organisation’s methodology is identified in the European Expert Group report (2013) on IPR Valuations as a reliable method of valuation of IC and the EU Commission recognise Mindscrossing as an expert organisation in this field. Justification This proposal is based on the need to adress the following issues that arose from the estimation and evaluation of the Towin Twin product and company in order to ensure that the company moves forward in the right direction for the purpose of commercialising the product. The issues are: 1. The Product and Testing: Currently, the main product testing is done by a former employee of ESAT, KU Leuven who has done this work as a personal favour to Fransisco; The test results, are valid and important to the extent that they give Frans the confirmation he needs that the his innovation works and the validation necessary for him to continue with this. Further than that, the tests incomplete, are of no economic value to the compay and cannot be presented as a formal report from KU Leuven. This is because, the tests have been done on a short term basis and are either a computer simulation or a limited test done in Frans’ garage. There has so far been no testing of how the windmills will function in actual use and for a longer term period. There have been no safety testings, nor testing of the durability and the strength of the materials used in the production of the materials. 2. The Company: The company is currently registered as a single man business and is informally run. Everything about the company is either in Frans’ head or with him as a person, making it difficult to convince an investor of the credibility and future potential of the company. Objectives: To provide hands-on support in the form of coaching, process-driving, direction giving throughout the pre-commercialisation stage of Towin Twins product. Our Proposal: This project will facilitate the develop of a pre- commercialisation action plan which will take us through the following stages, and will provide support to go through each stage. Ik hoop hiermede U de nodige info te hebben geven. Met vriendelijke groet Frans Mondelaers

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